Welcome to our Woodhaven Wiki -- an ongoing effort to record the "undocumented" history of Woodhaven, Queens. We want to document all of the quirks, the minutiae, everything that made Woodhaven special for us as we grew up and continues to make it special for future generations.

This Wiki is always changing, and we hope that you want to be a part of helping it represent the neighborhood. If you're new to this space, and want to poke around, why not start by taking a look at Jamaica Avenue? If you have some information to add to a topic, please join the Wiki so you can jump right in and do so. If you have a topic you want to create, please feel free to join and create it. When we started, we made the decision to start with the stores on Jamaica Avenue -- and thus far we have topics for each and every store from Woodhaven Boulevard to Franklin K. Lane and back. In addition to these topics we are also beginning to cover the rich history that makes Woodhaven such a unique and interesting place to live. If you’re interested in the local history, check out the topics on the Old Woodhaven Village, or our article on the World War I Memorial Trees in Forest Park. We hope these articles and the ones to follow make you eager to contribute; if you want to do so please join the Woodhaven Wiki and jump in!

While you're here, take a few moments to use the buttons at the right to navigate -- but be aware that some of those links will bring you to external sites, such as Project Woodhaven, a Woodhaven Blog collection (if you've ever felt like blogging about our Woodhaven, this is a great opportunity to do so), and the Yahoo Discussion Group where many former and current residents of Woodhaven are having some real interesting discussions. You can also get an idea of what our current coverage is by looking at our tags page. The idea is that this Wiki is a space where we can all come together and share the knowledge we all have about Woodhaven with our neighbors (past and present) and make it a more closely knit community.

So once again . .

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